What Is a Balanced Diet?

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I don't know if I really like the term balanced anymore, I think like natural and some of the other ones, it's just really gotten overused, overmarketed and the reality is when we think about the body and we think about health, health is dynamic it's not static, and we don't really ever get to achieve balance so in your diet, you really don't ever get to achieve balance.

In my head, if I was asked to think about, and I'm being asked to think about what is balance means, it means always making sure that you're catching up with yourself, for example if I want to have chocolate, or coffee, then I need to know that those are stimulants. So if I'm having stimulants, I want to make sure that I've a plan for recovery in my diet, I want to make sure I've magnesium rich foods, or if I'm consuming say I want to have a small latte, then maybe I want to make sure I have it with almonds or something else.

So if I'm getting the stimulant and also the carbohydrate, the quick energy from may be milk or soy milk that I'm getting the protein and the healthy fats from the nuts so that I don't go up and down like this. I go up and I kind of go like this. So, balance to me, to give you a visual is rolling hills, you're always going to have some highs and lows, but let's try to keep it from being like a high mountain down to a fiord in that way.