Should I Eat Organic Food?

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There're a number of reasons that I recommend organic. I fundamentally believe, and I believe it based on science, but I also believe it based on what I've seen from visiting organic farms around the world. I do believe that it's more nutrient dense in the sense of what the body is going to recognize, and I think it reduces the burden on our body because when you eat something that's organic, you're getting the food just as nature intended. So, I don't have to worry about other genetically modified organisms, are these being grown from those seeds, or are the pesticides that it's grown with, are they challenging my hormones, or thy're adding an extra layer.

Not having organic available is not an excuse to say I'm no going to eat fruits, or vegetables, or meat, or grains, or things like that, but unless you're really in a food dessert which many, many Americans are in a food dessert, but unless you're in a food dessert, there is that option. Now what I don't believe in is, I don't believe that the term fresh needs to be used in terms of with organic that you have to buy something that's sitting right here in the "produce section" of the grocery store or at a farmers' market.

My entire freezer is stacked full of organic frozen and fresh vegetables and fruit. And the reason that I do that is, it's cheap, it's always available, it's not going to go bad, it allows me to eat a rainbow everyday. I think that what we can do with organic is break down some of the barriers to consumption where people say either price or availability isn't is a factor and so as a result that I can't have.

You can go to Walmart and get almost anything organic that you're looking for.