How Do You Define Quality Food?

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Quality nutrients to me is when we take food, and we don't try to rip it apart looking for IUs of vitamin A or how many grams of carbohydrates or anything. We look at food as it's grown in nature, and that means trying to prevent the chemistry set even at the harvesting time, so hopefully having cleaner water available if we're talking about farms, trying to avoid genetically modified organisms, not having combinations of a sugar and a fat or two sugars at a high temperature brought together in creating something where that chemical bond is something that the body doesn't have an enzyme to break down.

So quality is really about eating the apple from the tree, and there are a variety of different apples and if you want to make that into apple sauce, or apple juice, I'm comfortable with it. The starting ground has to be the apple, or it's drinking milk from a cow that hasn't been amped up with some sort of chemistry involvement to produce milk 365 days of the year.