How Does the Body Self-Regenerate?

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The fact is that we are constantly regenerating. So we talked about before about the skin regenerating every two weeks, the lining in your intestine regenerates about every week, your bones every few years. So your body is constantly regenerating we are programmed to regenerate. The salamander if they injured their limb within a few weeks they regrow the whole limb.

So of course the question is can you do that in a human? We have the capacity to regenerate, but challenges as humans we rather protect ourselves from infection than regenerate ourselves and that really widens what happens when you get injured. When you get injured you form a scar that prevents the infection from occurring.

So, in a way our bodies as humans we have been programmed to seal ourselves off, to heal with a scar at the expense of regeneration. So, I think human nature has shown us that re-growing a limb is possible. Right, so biologically there are biological systems out there that can do that.

The question is how can we one day help humans achieve that. It may be possible, if we're able to unlock the mystery that makes that happen in other biological systems like the salamander, maybe some day it will be possible to do that in a human.