Why is Healthy Food So Expensive?

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So the first part of the solution is shifting this whole enterprise in the direction of health promotion, and disease prevention and that is yes they focus on lifestyle, and understanding how lifestyle choices impact health but there's a very practical issue there. Which is that how does the society encourage people to make better rather than worse choice in lifestyle.

That does not a have an easy answer. For instance, you have our government on the one hand telling people to eat more fruits and vegetables, and on the other hand through it's program of federal subsidies to agriculture, making the most unhealthy foods cheapest, and most available.

So you've got things really out of alignment there. I think if we're going to have a healthier society government individuals and private sector all have to pull together in same direction, this is not solely a matter of individual choice. You know at the moment I think lots of things are stuck against people making better choices so these takes a lot of thinking.

What do you do? How can you how you, you can provide incentives to people say lower insurance premiums if they don't smoke or if they don't eat junk food. You can do these incentives as the State of Alabama recently instituted Fat Tax on state employees, if they don't lose a certain amount of weight in certain period they forfeit their health benefits these are hard questions to look at of how do we do this?.