What's Wrong with Our Healthcare System?

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I think there's parts that are broken, I think that there's parts that are not. What's not is it is fragmented. We have a plethora of different providers and as the industry has evolved. There's been no central watch tower that's kind of coordinated the pieces, and so we have this large array providers and services that are not necessarily together, so they are disjointed.

So it's frustrating for the provider community, and the referrals. It's frustrating for the consumers, the patients, and the navigation, it's frustrating for the payers because it's very inefficient and costly. That said despite all the fragmentation and discontent among the providers and the patients and so forth, there's still a lot of good being provided by physicians and their patients.

We're still improving life expectancy here in the country. We're still making a difference with people who are conflicted with chronic conditions and we are still in public health at least. Working and getting more traction around attitudinal restructuring of taking more responsibility on one's health.