What Is the Key to a Healthy Lifestyle?

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Diet first, then I'd say physical activity. There's overwhelming scientific evidence for the health benefits of regular physical activity throughout life, that doesn't mean working out with personal trainers or running marathons, it means moving your body and I'm more and more convinced that the best form of physical activities whats called functional exercise, which is using the body in the way it was designed for.

So, that's walking, lifting, carrying. That's what people have done throughout history, that's what people do in societies, where no health is much better than ours. But I think that's very important and in third I would say is yes I think everyone needs to learn and practice some methods of neutralizing harmful effects of stress.

I don't think we can't live without stress, I think life is stressful. I think it has always been, and maybe the forms of stress change from age to age and from culture to culture, but I think life is stressful, but what you can do is you can learn methods to protect your body and mind from harmful effects of stress.