What Are Some Healthy Food Options That I Can Try?

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I've always loved to cook and invent dishes and over the years, people have said you ought to open a restaurant your food is so good. I was smart enough to know that I knew nothing about the restaurant business and that I would not go near that. But I was introduced to a very successful restaurateur, and suggested to him the possibility of a restaurant that would serve food that was delicious, that also was good for you.

And I haven't seen that happen out there, I haven't seen anyone really bring together successfully the word, brods/g of fine dining and healthy eating. And the obstacle that I've always run up against in trying to talk to people about eating well, is that most people think that healthy food and delicious food are in opposition.

And I have been served a lot of dreadful health food. So I wasn't sure in doing that, he didn't think that would sell, but I think he thought I made truffle and sprouts all day long, I cooked food for him and his wife and he was open to the idea he was willing to try it and we created this concept called truth good cooked food kitchen.

This has been a lot of fun for me and a lot of the recipes there are mine, the general food philosophy is mine of an anti-inflammatory diet based on a Mediterranean diet, and these restaurants have been very successful and actually I can see this affecting more cultural change than many of the things that I've written know that you can change how people eat.

This is a big step and my hope is that these restaurants will become teaching centers as well that they'll inspire people will make this kind of food at home because it's not complicated. Anyway that's been a lot of fun.