Is Preventative Medicine the Same As Alternative Medicine?

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First of all, alternative medicines suggest that you're trynna use it in place of conventional medicine and that's not been my idea. Conventional medicine does some things very, very well. And I often say if I were in a car accident, I wouldn't want first to go to a chiropractor or shaman/g, I'd like to go to a trauma center and get put back together, then I might use the other methods and I knew this speed up the healing process.

But conventional medicine is more and more suited to very serious almost the crisis. And we are trying to use it for everything that comes in the door. And for the vast majority of day to day illness, there are other ways of doing things that are cheaper, safer, more effective. But those methods are not being taught in medical school.

So, first of all integrated medicine starts with conventional medicine. And then really works to broaden the knowledge base and the effectiveness by incorporating other ideas and practices.