Is Mainstream Medicine Too Far Removed From Nature?

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From the time I was little, I became very interested in plants, that's something I got from my mother which she got from her mother. I grew up in a [xx] house in Philadelphia, but, so I had very little chance to explore gardening in the natural world, but I remember growing flowering bulbs as a kid and being just fascinated by that, that's been quite magical to me and wanted to grow things.

That interest eventually led me to be a botany major in Harvard as an undergraduate, which is a very wise decision for me. That opened the whole world to me, which is in great foundation to my interest in medicine. For one thing, it really gave me a sense that healing is ruder than nature, and it also made me see when I went to medical school how disconnected medicine had come from nature.

Another thing that goes way back, as I said, I'm always fascinated by the mind and consciousness and how about to interact with the body. I remember as a teenager coming across a book on hypnosis that fascinated me. Eventually that led me, after I had my medical degree, to take a course in medical hypnosis at Columbia University just one of the best courses I've taken, has had great influence on my style of practice, also led me to realize how much of that was ignored in medical training and medical education.