Can I Cure Myself Through Thought?

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In my view, mind and body are inseparable. They're two poles of the same reality. The current view the prevailing science which really goes back to the card is that mind and body are in separate rooms, and they'll interact. A lot of the phenomena that I'm most fascinated by, things like hypnosis, placebo responses, now these two conventional medicines, these look like curiosities in the worst sense of the word, they're not worth things seriously, and so we ignore them, and then doing so we cut ourselves off from a whole array of interventions that are cost effective, safe often highly effective in modifying disease states, the fact is that when many demonstrations in guided imagery which is one practical application of mind, body, therapy, a common exercise is to have people close their eyes, imagine a lemon, try to smell it, feel it then cut a slice of it, picture it dripping with juice, bring it near your mouth.

Almost everybody when they do these will salivate. That's a physical effect that's been caused by something you'll need mental realm.