Are More Doctors Being Trained In Preventative Medicine?

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We've graduated now about 900 physicians. These are from very intensive trainings over to two years, a thousand hour trainings, some nurse practitioners. But increasingly we're now expanding this, and we're doing this by having a more condensed, integrative medicine curriculum that's placed within residency training.

We're currently in 20 family medicine residencies across the country. So every resident has to take this curriculum. This is a required accredited part of residency training. We're now moving into internal medicine. We're developing a similar training for pediatric residencies. Eventual goal is to have this in all residencies and all specialties.

So, eventually whether you go to a psychiatrist, or a dermatologist or a gastroenterologist, that doctor will have learned the basics of nutrition, of mind, body medicine, and the strengths and weaknesses of alternative medicine and I think we'll then have succeeded in changing medical practice..