Why Do Some Healthcare Providers Resist Letting Patients Control Their Own Health Data?

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It has been sort of a historic paternalism that's been part of medicine and some of that comes from one side of the table having knowledge and the other side not, fair enough I don't think again no bad intention just sort of reality. I think the resistance has also been it's just not the way we've done things, there is also frankly a lot of misunderstanding right now, so a lot of people say silly things like oh, the Privacy Laws don't let me even give the patients the data.

Well that's obviously backwards, the Privacy Laws want you to give the patients the data, but people get confused this is a lot of change for people right now and so they're trying, they whether they be patients, physicians, other care givers nurses, they're trying to figure out how to wade their way through this, this changing world that we are that's really pretty fast.