What's Wrong with Our Healthcare System?

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I don't think there is a simple answer to that question, if there was, we would have fixed it in my opinion. Right? I think, first of all, we have a really great healthcare system. I really do believe that, I'm a physician and was part of that for a long time. We're taking incredibly good care of people despite which you might read in some other situation.

We don't do it very efficiently so that there is a tremendous amount of waste and a tremendous amount of duplication of effort and again it's not because of anybody's fault it is not like there are bad people out there, it's just that we grew up, healthcare is still in many ways almost a cottage industry, there's still many pockets of things happening independently, which is not really the way we run most of the rest of the organized industries or businesses at least in this country.

And so that's a big part of it, it is just not efficient and it could be doing so much more for people at a lower cost by the way if it was. So that's one, and two, the 2nd thing I would say is we don't do as good a job as we could, about collaboration. Things are too complicated now, there is so much information, there is so knowledge that most patients aren't just even seeing one doctor if they have something wrong with them, and they have seen several.

In fact the average in medicare patient is seven plus doctors a year, seven different doctors and most of communicate with each other by a letter, that's sent after the patient visit, one doctor sends the other doctor a letter saying what happened. They don't really even know what's changing day to day, or patients calls this doctor and he changes to something the other doctor don't know about it, so we talk about the patient center of care putting the patients in the middle and we are trying, we in he health care world are trying to do that but we really don't do it yet, we don't create a true collaborative network around the patient.

The third thing that's so called wrongwith the health care system, is that we we don't take information that could be helpful to patients and bring it to bare make it actionable so to speak at the point of care. It's very hard for a physician today to keep up with everything that's going on.

The number of journal articles that are published, even in a very narrow specialized world that each physician may occupy is still in the 1000's per year. How can they keep control of that? How could they know that this slight variation in this patient is different than all other their patient and is significant because of extra Y and Z? So how can we take information and bring it to point of care so that we can make we physicians and another care givers for that matter can make better decisions.