Is There a Another Country's Healthcare System That You Wish America's System Was More Like?

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No, I think they all have their pluses and minuses and you know what's interesting is if you go to almost every country with the exception of the, you know, some of the countries in the global south that really have no healthcare all but most countries they really like what they have which is kind of interesting if you do the studies, just as in this country most people despite the fact that they are dissatisfied to some degree, they wouldn't trade it for another system, they like what they have, and if you go to England it's the same, and if you go to other countries in Europe it's the same.

So some of that is we like what we're used to. That doesn't mean that we can't learn a lot from other countries, by the way, there's definitely things we can learn but I don't think we should be adopting some other country's way of doing it. We have a way that's grown up, that's whether it's good or not, it's what we in America find satisfactory.