How Will Healthcare Providers Manage So Much Information?

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Right now there's information all over, there's too much data, people get what they even call alert fatigue, meaning too many boxes popping up, saying do you think about this, do you think about that or whatever so we need to think about ways to make this work. Let's use some artificial intelligence if you will to let the system figure out what's the data in general that the physician needs to see, of course they could always want to see more, they can always ask to see more but at least at some basic level, let the system build in more intelligent and particularly when you think about the ideas you mentioned patients wearing on-going monitoring of some kind or having electronic scale at home that communicates that, or electronic blood pressure device that communicates back, no physician could read daily weights on all their patients everyday, I mean it just couldn't happen, right, but if you think about this, and pretty easy automated ways to correct that, and I think that's what will happen.

And again if you go back to the financial industry, and I know experts on high finance, but computerized trading, all these computerized aids that traders and other financial experts use today, to help them decide what to do or in some cases even do it for them, we can learn from that, and these are not the same thing, but the concepts are similar.

How can we find that canal of data, or those two or three canals of data, in this big mass that's really important today, we're not there yet, we got our ways to go, but it's certainly achievable.