What Is a Good Fitness Regimen to Reduce Wear and Tear on Knees and Shoulders?

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The easiest way to think about it, is something that is more common like crown on your tooth. OK, when you have a tooth that`s rotten or has a cavity in it, what the dentist will do is they will coat to make like a peg of some sort and right on top put some a cap, OK, that`s basically what a knee replacement is.

A knee replacement is? It is like wood chop but very elegant wood chop because you're sawing and you really have a saw you got drills and is real fun and you're doing all that stuff but you're basically creating a terms of working out. If you do the same routine over and over again which we all tends to do we go to a gym, we're there at 5 o'clock, we're going to leave it at six, blah blah blah you're not actually in a total way working out your body, so I think you should go, and swim one day, and I think you should run another day if you want to aerobics maybe biker third.

If you're doing weight training, switch it up. Sometimes I will even go to different floors on the gym, just to think I'm in a different gym so that I would do it different routines I think that will give you more longevity, and less impact.