Is There a TIme Frame on How Long a Knee Replacement Should Last?

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It depends on when you put them in and the age of the patient, obviously the skill of the surgeon these are all that factors, but you want it real the sweet spot for a knee replacement nowadays is about 60, 65. You want one stop shopping, you don't want to have to do it again because the second knee replacement if the first one wears out is much harder and certainly the third one is really hard.

The bone stock that you have to use to create the sockets become less and less. So, nowadays in a 60, 65 year old guy, as I say it lasts the life of the car, it usually will get somebody till they won't really care about it anymore, but there are some 40 years old with knee replacements and their expectations are different than a 65 year old, and maybe they're going to test a little more.

I mean I surf and I know guys with knee replacement set at 40 that are surfing, I wouldn't advice it because they're going to wear it out. So now you've got a guy whose shoot ahead 20 years with a replacement got may be 10, he's 50, now he's on the second one. He's down a slippery slope.

So when you choose to do a knee replacement, you're going to make sure that your patient is in the same ball pack in terms of what you're going to do in their life as you're.