How Important Is the Type of Shoe for Containing or Preventing Knee Pain?

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It's a mixed bag because I've always been and still I'm a very big believer in how your foot and I'm a marathon runner, I've ran several marathons and how you hit the ground around and absorb the quality of both your shoes end on athletics, end on the surface you are running or whatever.

But obviously now we have of all these people running bear foot. I see them running in the winter in the Central Park, which is a little bit odd for me. Because their philosophy is that, it's not a matter of the padding or how you strike the ground, but it's the motion that your foot hits the ground and there they try to stay away from either being a hill striker or a toe striker and try to hit the mid-foot.

They feel that a shoe or something like a shoe can restrict them. I've seen a lot of injuries in those guys toe, so I don't know what's best in my opinion I think you need to get a shoe that fits you properly something that's well padded if you're going to do impact, and listen to your body most of all.