How Does Osteoarthritis Affect the Knees?

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Imagine me having a completely smooth frictionless surface, that's what every joint in the body has that your shoulder, your finger everything, so when you have two frictionless surface going across one another, they glide, OK like two pieces of glass, perfect. Now I substitute one piece of glass with piece of sandpaper because what Osteoarthritis is basically a wearing away of that smooth surface down to a rough surface and many times raw bone underneath the cartilage of the knee is raw bone.

Now you have in un-smooth surface under smooth surface, for all intents and purposes creating friction, creating something called leukokine which is irritants that's body, it's throwing it out to try to heal it. And the body kind of go haywire because it say I want to heal this and it's throwing out all of these things and can't heal it and that actually causes more irritation.

So the arthritic condition is basically a system where the gliding nature of the knee has been changed forever.