What Problems Does WellDoc Attempt to Solve?

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I'm a type two diabetes patient myself, so I'll personlize it. A patient who has diabetes needs to manage on a daily basis regardless where they are, what time a day they have to manage their glucose, their meds, their stress, smoking, sleep, exercise, all the things that affect their glucose levels in their body, and life tends to get in the way every now and then.

And so when you think about the biggest problem in diabetes today is quite simply that the right data is not getting to right person at the right place at the right point in time. And if you are able to get that personalized feedback in coaching that keeps them where they should be against their doctors resume/g, then you can move the needle.

I think the second part of the problem is that think about it, I see my doctor four times a year in a five minute office in it, what's my doctor going to do when he see my data? The human eyes are trained to that kind partial recognzation. So if we can actually have a system that takes idea, interprets it and provides this note to the physician that says, here is what you may want to talk to them about me, you know you would expect do it with their patient and I think it does it effectively brings the patient facing relationship, closer together ties with the fabric that's constructed for data.