Is Physician Compliance with Healthcare Apps Going to be Generational?

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I think we'll learn more about that as we roll it out. We are literally just launching this prescribed version as we speak. So far we haven't seen that, but I think the sample size is probably too small to conclude anything meaningful. I think that certainly something we're looking at.

If you look at other technologies, for example, people who use web MD, people who use the PDR reference online, there is an increasing number of doctors who are going to these types of tools because they also see this as a means of staying current and they also see it as a means of if you can figure out how to make these solutions, support the PCMH, ACO type of legislation that's being passed where they're now not remunerated for service, they remunerative for outcomes then these types of solutions help them, they can actually bill at higher rates and so I think there are other incentives for them, that would choose them to adopt these more so than you would expect.