Is Obesity Driving the Type 2 Diabetes Epidemic?

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80% of all new type two cases are due to obesity. This mixture of western diet, the refined sugars and flavors that they haven't been accustomed to for for centuries and that sedentary life style the services based economy, they were all agricultural farmers, and now there are these high profile computer programmers.

It's a perfect storm and yet obesity is a root cause and so if we can actually help manage that life style aspect, it's something critical, when you think about well docs, it's really, four things, it's metabolic management like lipids, blood glucose, weight, it's symptom management its medication management and it's life style management.

And if you complete that pillar of lifestyle management, for not just diabetes you'll start to curb congestive heart failure, asthma, all the things that obesity causes, hypertension you can really make an effective dent.