How Was the Interactive Healthcare App WellDoc Inspired?

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The company was actually founded by an endocrinologist who was working at the Justman Centre for Diabetes at University of Maryland, and it was born from her clinical frustration that here arguably in the one of the finest diabetic institutions around the globe where she had all of the support, she had the dietrist, she had the nutritionist, the educationsits but she couldn't make a difference outcomes.

And this is back in 2005 before the word app existed in the English language, before the iPhone was a concept, but you notice everybody came in with a cell phone. And I asked a simple question, could the cellphone actually be not the resolution but could it part of the solution fabric that help move the needle outcomes and decrease cost my background is on the wireless guy and I've been in the wireless industry for many, many years, and as a type two diabetes patient we kind of joined forces and I think in many ways, the Chemistry in WellDoc and the management of WellDoc in terms of how we brought clinical expertise technology expertise pharmacological marketing expertise, business expertise, regulatory expertise that if you would, the confluence of those vectors have really helped propellers foward in this, because there was no traded path, we had to create the path on a go for basis.