How Does Welldoc Align with Healthcare Reform?

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When we started the company back in late 2005 there was no healthcare reform bill, there was no meaningful use there was no accountable care, there was no PCMH and then came healthcare reform and meaningful use what is it we want to electronify, stage one, but then we want to focus on, as we get to stage three, we want to focus on outcomes and in many ways, you have to have a basis of measurement, and monitoring to even start to attack outcomes and in many ways these types of solutions, better to be lucky, than to be smart, because we can't predict where legislation is going to go, but these types of solutions fit very well in fact they justify and they actually, make tangible, what legislation is telling people to do, because, I can't imagine a world where, somebody says we'll become stage three meaningful use compliant without digital health or M health tools.

How do you do it? You can't. And so I think these things naturally fit this transformative journey that we're trying to establish with the legislation. What's more interesting is if you go to the emergent economies, they're already there because there's no prior legislation policy or anything.

So they are adopting these solutions, and in fact they are building policy after these because they say, we actually now have a basis. We are going through that transformative journey here in the United States because we have precedent. We have an existing system and we're trying to evolve that system.

I think these tools will help us shape that journey and in fact accelerate that journey.