How Does Patient Data from Sensors Help Doctors?

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Back in the day, there were a lot of people saying, hey! wouldn't it be great if I could just SMS you every blood glucose value from all your patients. Imagine that for a doctor forget the legality and the liabilities in that, we said no, that's not the right thing to do. We said, let doctors use it the way they want to use it.

So it's a continuum at the simplest end of the continuum the doctor writes a prescription just they would for Lipitor or jenever or any other drug-related device, saying here, I think this is good for you, good luck, OK, and that's all, they don't have to do anything more. We feel it.

At the next level doctors have said, no, no, I'd like to participate, I'd like to actually get that coldrary fax and it's run it because we like for, you have any IMR? No, no, fax it to me and I'll scan it into IMR, alright, they want a fax because that's the way they way they practice medicine today.

So that fax comes to them and it gives them that summary of where they're act and the office manager can rip it off that fax machine, put in front of their chart, they can see it, they walk into the room and say, Oh! Let's talk about this, this and this because [xx] At the next level up, they can choose to interact with the system through a portal so they can actually go and they can look at their patients they can follow up with them, track them, they can message them they can do all kinds of stuff and in very rare situations, we've actually heard doctors tell us you have the ability to add a caregiver right? So for example, my father was diabetes and mum is his adult care giver, I'm his adult caregiver.

I'd actually like to be watching these patient because I've known them for 30 years and I'm changing the medication. I want to watch them for 48 hours and just make sure that they're not bouncing around, so you actually have that continum where let doctors engage with this the way they want to that fits their work flow.

We just finished white paper with United States Air Force and George Washington University, where we showed for the first time the integration of a mobile health application into an EMR, in this case was all scripts and so when you think about where meaningful use is going and you think about what these solutions can do.

Again if you want to have it integrated into an EMR, go ahead. If you want to access it from an EMR, great. If you just want to fax or you just want to prescribe it, again let them do and interact with how they chose to.