How Do Patients Get Real Time Answers from an App?

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I'm a diabetes patient, I see my doctor, doctor says this is new product, that's available. It's called Blue Star, I'm going to write a prescription for it just as you prescribe drug or a medical device. I get that prescription filled it's a very interesting process which we can discuss later, I get that prescription filled and in simplicity, I get that application downloaded to my device of choice, could be and iPhone, it could be Android phone or it could be eve be a feature phone, and of cause it could any of either mobile network device.

At that point in time I now start interacting with this device, I put in my readings, I get real time feedback. If for example, my reading is low, let's I'm experiencing symptoms of hypoglycemia, where I'm shaky or sweaty and let's say I measure my blood sugar in whatever meter I have, It could even be good old [xx] or rapid [xx] or half meter or somebody's new meters had actually plugged directly into the phone and made with our application.

So let's say the number comes back at 60 hallo, mixed [xx] leader, it'll actually tell me, hey it's low, are you sure this is right, yes it is well, let's timeout let's treat that. Here is what you need do, you need to consume 15 grams of rapid acting curves and retest in 15 minutes and then the next screen will actually to show you example of what 15 grams rapid-acting carbs are, a half a glass of juice, four glucose tablets blah blah blah.

Then the patient is instructed then work through that transaction so, when you think about it the biggest cost of diabetes drained in the United States is unwanted ER visits due to hypoglycemia. And if that event $9300 event can be thwarted with the simple transaction that works a patients through.

Think of the economic value and of course think of the convenience and health value to the patient.