How Concerned Should Patients Be with Privacy Issues?

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It's a very important concern in fact the FDA recently put out a suggestion strong felt suggestion to the communities that says medical device manufactures and software applications manufacturers should absolutely ensure that they safe guard data from our privacy extra perspective one of our core fabric tenant at well doc is the data is encrypted on the device, it's encrypted on the link, it's encrypted on the servers, using AES, we are on a new certified advanced encryption standard, 256 bit of encryption, all the proper authentications education procedures, this is iron voted for ll the right reasons, Hitler complicated all the goo stuffs and I think I think it's important to start there, now look at Facebook today and look at Twitter the things people put on there as a diabetes patient, I don't mind if somebody knows if I'm in that form and   [xx], I could care less, in fact if it helps somebody else who is under that form and [xx] look at my behavior and say may be I can do what he is doing, maybe you can connect the dots, I don't mind I think what you are going to see is that there is continued need for data security and privacy, which I think will always be there.

But society itself is changing, and the willingness that the society is in,  I think one generation from now the youngsters who are going to be asked in our seats right now, they are going to have a vary different view of what is private or not because they by then, you're going to be sharing a lots more stuffs, right, it's going to be interesting to see how this thing evolves but today for sure we are going to ensure you are in the safeguard for federal state laws; and I think just what is right to do for solution like this.