How Are Patient Apps Part the Solution to Our Healthcare Problem?

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Part of the solution is an application. There's really three parts there's what we call the patient coach, which is an application that the patient can access through multiple technologies, their cell phone, their tablets even with Ford Motor Company the cars project they're working on and it's that coaching that they get for example in diabetes where they enter medications, they enter blood glucose values but instead of just logging them they actually get real-time feedback and they get feedback.

And they get feedback on how to correct for example highs and lows and of course how you correct the high and how I correct a high may be different based on your med regimen, your med history and of course your co-morbid conditions. So it's a personalized coach for them that's tailored to their not just clinically but also behaviorally cuz the way you may want to be messaged may be different than the way I may want piece two is this expert system that I talked about, it's all a longitudinal pattern recognition rules that look for testing patterns, medication patterns, lifestyle patterns and then Piece three is what we call a clinical decision support can you take all those observations, round them through evidence-based medicine and effectively give the doctor a one-page report that says, here's where they were three months ago, here's where they are today, this is what's changed, this is what evidence suggest you should do but you are the doctor do what you think is right for the patient.

It's class-2 medical device, it's FTA cleared peer review journal publications where we've shown outcomes that are 2-5 times better than drugs alone, a significant cost reduction in the sense of ER visit reductions, hospital rapid reductions and so it's something that we believe that it's not just an app, it's a holistic solution in fact we call it a mobile prescribe therapy because just as of yesterday, we officially got announcement it to me the announcement about reimbursement the solution is now available as a prescription only, product that's [xx] in health system.