How Do We Get Consumers to Wear Biosensors?

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So the way we think it is, right now, there are some two kinds of categories of census that available and this except you get in the hospital, you know just heavy duty clinical grade. It's okay that it's bulky because you're only there for a short time, that sort of one of the assumptions that goes into medical electronics right now.

The other poll is sort of electronics for fitness, and there you have these enthusiasts. It's like the high performance athletes, the elite athletes both cases you find is people are willing to make compromises in the electronics in the form factor in favor of insights they get.

In medicine it's because either you wear those things or your health gets worse as an athlete either you wear those things or your performance isn't getting better. So those groups are willing to make these compromise in favor of the return like the return is there's sort of some severe consequence in their mind they're off setting.

So the compromise is this, if you really need the data, you'll put up with something rigid and bulky. So if you think about the rest of us right, the rest of us who are patients and consumers, what's interesting here is you actually are not willing to put up with those things unless you know there's some kind of benefits, right, if the benefit has to be immediate if you're going to, there's a sort of reciprocal equation that you go through in your ahead, and if you actually have some idea that you'll need information about your health you'll take action.

When it comes to preventative medicine when it comes to actually like anticipating things that can go wrong with your health, we're sensing the bar really drops right, so you're not going to wear a bulky sensor thinking that you might have a health problem, I just want to wear it, if you could wear that sort of person you'll wearing a heart rate monitor everyday, I tried it after a little while, turns out it's pretty uncomfortable.

And so what that suggests is that if you really want people, or people really want to collect data in a way that's going to fit their lifestyle with that risk or word equation make sense on a routine basis it has to become yet to drop that bar it has to become easier, it has to become more comfortable, it has to be discreet.