How Can We Get More Patients to Use Biosensors?

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So fitness is here already, right. There're some interesting things around that instrument at apparel maybe that captured your heart rate and still a part of the textiles. That's a pretty good step, I think you know in healthcare what's going to matter is it can't be visible. People don't actually want a broadcast, the fact that they're being monitored for health reasons.

It's different when you're an athlete and you actually want to look high-tech, but if you're patient you want to be discrete and secured. So, there's interesting things going on that we see in apparel to make sensors and so to help monitoring a part of someone's normal daily life to a degree.

The other way to look at it is the way we look at it, which is, are people are willing to put up for a short period of time where something that is going to collect a lot of really high quality data as long as it's very comfortable, and something you can't forget about. So that's why these stickers come in, these band aid ideas one that we've really been focused on, and if you can make a band aid that's really smart and has a lot of intelligent and that doesn't ask the user to do anything sort of out of the ordinary.

Then people fortunately are familiar with band aids and how to put them on, they know how to sort of forget about them when they are wearing them. So as long as we can do that, we think that we can access this aspect of consumer behavior.