Have We Become Too Dependent on Technology in Healthcare?

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Too independent, yes. I think it, yes. I think absolutely. I think one of the things that if you look at us as a culture, a global culture, if you look at these cultural trends I think we're reliant on technology. I think no one escapes this, and here in Silican Valley, I think it's probably at extreme.

I can't imagine going 24 hours without my cellphone. I'm sure there is a lot of people in the same place. So, I would say absolutely we're reliant on technology and dependent on it, and I think where that really shows up is when you get into the medical system and you realize that we've started to use technology as a substitute for accountability.

It has become the case that because technologies you pick with this, and we are able to because it's become dependable and we're able to rely on it, you know, we let ourselves get sick and I think it's just become easy. So, I think the sort of, the way that a lot of the technology community here thinks about the solution is how do you give people the opportunity and the sort of feedback that can let them become more accountable.

And, you know, ironically enough, allow the situations that we see are also technology mediated, you know, so the hope I think here, you know, again as a technology is that technology is a part of the answer.