Are We Creating Too Much Data for Healthcare Providers?

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There's two big things to think about when it comes to how our current Healthcare system has to change in order to accommodate this data and make use of it. One is the right now one of the reason that the health care is over burdened, is because people go and enter the health care system when they are already sick.

So, when you get to the physician you have a problem, when you to a hospital you actually need a hospital, you don't go there if you're just feeling a little bit funny. You go there because you have a serious condition of some kind that needs you to be in a hospital. So, the idea that you could actually avoid that high cost, high acuity extremely intense hospital enviroment will ultimately save our healthcare system enormous amount of money.

More importantly it will reduce the load on that healthcare system, just because people don't go there when they're already sick. They start using healthcare resources before they're sick, before they're expensive patients. So then the question becomes, okay how does that happen? How do you make use of these huge stream of data, so the key is actually not to provide the positions and provide us with the data, it's actually to provide them with insight, so there has to be processing that happen, and the great thing that we have working in our favor is that there is entire ecosystem that's starting to make sense of this data in a way that create as insight, unfortunately, is when I'm doing this alone and MC10 is one company among thousands in this ecosystem that are either producing data or analyzing that data or they are distilling it or studying it in large populations and in small populations to make sense of it.

Because across the board non of these matters unless we have insight, unless we have some kind of way to distill the data into some sort of piece of information that matters that's going to change behavior.