What Excites You the Most About the Future of Brain Research?

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I think that having a good assessment will even open the conversation. If I have an assessment, either myself or with the doctor, then we start to pay attention to this. I think the tragedy is that right now we are completely ignoring our brains. So, if we had a good assessment, that this ubiquitous, that this available for everyone, I think we will really trigger, a much needed conversation and culture tent.

The same thing that we gave Kay 40 years ago, it will have physical fitness, I hope the assessment will help create the culture change, which is I think what, we need. The other thing that I think should be very exciting is that this pill is not going to be our magic pill, is going to be out, do this and you're fixed for life.

It's going to be a bit more complex, it's going to be these many needs. Someone will need to help you navigate your own needs, and your own opportunities, and all the different tools, how to integrate them, which is [xx] a personal trainer. Thus in the physical fitness world. So, I'm very excited, I'm very curious to know what professional body is going to become the personal brain trainer or the future, is he going to come more from [xx] clinical perspective in a sense that was near psychologist though for a very specific population, is going to be occupational or speech therapists, is going to be life coaches who will help people.

So, I think the assessment and some kind of professional cultures to help people understand options and how to incorporate them, and they're going to help both of them to completely the change the culture, and really I think in less than five years we will see very significant.