What Does an Annual Brain Health Check-Up Look Like?

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There are different ways to answer that, so some people like high tech they will think oh General Electric you'd want to develop this super high end brain scan, and that will and I don't thought think that's the way I mean because that's not a scalable that is extremely expensive.

I've mentioned this idea in health forums and I remember a lady from Kaiser Permanente close to throwing us all through out me because the assumption was very high end brain scanned. I don't just want basically computerized maybe 30-40 minutes, fully online assessment over a variety of cognitive, emotional and behavioral dimensions that are enough to predict what is getting better, what is getting worse, so basically is neuro-psychology, what is still going to the neurological east and have to spend two days doing one on one therapies most of it can be automated.

And the interesting things of those assessments many of them all ready today are automated and that's what pharmaceutical trials when they have to prove anything on thousands of individuals they already have the computerized assessments but those are not yet offered to the mainstream public.

So it's a matter of offering what already exists in a way that is relevant and that people understand what's the value of that assessment. So I see this one to be extremely inexpensive, online based and ubiquitous and everywhere.