Should People Have an Annual Brain Health Check-Up?

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I think so, so the annual physicals everyone gets the point. So, you just need a vase man to compel yourself overtime. And the logic with who a lot of surface get results as part of what we do as an organization, and we have realized that people are eager to have certain objective measure of how the brain evolves because right now is all subjective, and some people don't care though, the people who should really care, the people who should not care, they are worried well, cared too much, and there is no objective way to understand what gets better, what get worse, and that's what consumers to be practice to be managing their own pain health need better access too.

So, one reason is from the pure self person health perspective, the only one as assistant the way today we diagnose all kind of cognitive and emotional health disorders, maybe this is going to be in camera, if they joke it makes no sense. Welcome parting people a norm of people the same age group but is a huge variability.

The way that we should measure it is intra-individual, is how that person was five years ago, two years ago. And then, if there is a significant decline either in cognitive or emotional function, well that issues red flags. So, the checkup every year would provide that intelligence both at the individual level, you can compare and at the population level.

It would really help analyse what are predictive factors of who is going to be more likely to develop depression or suicide or Alzheimer's, and how people respond to different medicaments, to different therapies, to different interventions. We felt that annual baseline, I think we're still in a very pre-scientific approach.