If Alzheimer's Disease Is Incurable, Can We Delay Its Onset?

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What it means is that it can be delayed, which for practical reasons I would say is equally important. Meaning one outcome is to prevent it completely and nothing can prevent that, but people don't realize the difference between you can not prevent it or what if you compress the mobility at the end, what if you can have 5, 10 more years of quality of life and you still have 15 years of Alzheimer's having five, what's the difference? For your life, for your family, for society and that we track innovation worldwide so you find all the countries with better public big policies I would say in health, Alzheimer's Disease are thinking of this very carefully like Canada.

I came back from Canada today and they are investing a lot in how to maximize population health so that they can compress mobility at the end and again the outcome is not medical, clinical intervention to have this pill to prevent Alzheimer's pathology. The outcome is can we delay the symptoms that really make people stop being independent, stop being a contributor to society, can we delay that a few years? And the answer is yes.