How Important Is Stress Management to Brain Health?

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Is critical, and especially in today's society where we get so many stress factors, that we cannot control. What we can control is how we learn how to react to that external stress factors. In a sense earlier I mentioned how to simplify, aerobic exercise can create more neurons. Mental exercise is very important for those neurons to hook, to assist the circuits and to survive.

Stress, too much stress is the opposite reduces, if not completely inhibits, the creation of new neurons based on a fun book titled White Zebras Don't Have Ulcers by Robert Sooscky in Stanford but if he tries how to response, it's a very wise response in our environment 10, 000 years ago where we respond to real external threats like a Zebra, if she sees a lion, has to run for her life.

There's no neuron created and the steroid just has to run to survive. In five minutes either the zebra is eaten by the lion, or somehow is safe and then goes back to normal. So even if for a few minutes, those neuro creation, digestion all their systems in the zebra stopped, who cares? They go back to normal.

The difference is that we humans can stress ourselves and remain in that high stress mode for weeks, for a month and long term, that way explains why, for example, how anxiety can lead to depression and this is good evidence that the brains of depressed people have physically shrunk hippocampus and so many structures, because that sort of thing process over then has not only created less neurons, but killed existing neurons.

So managing stress, and so we can decide to go to Tibet and to retire to a more pleasant life or you're well in to be engaged in this society we really need to know how to deal with it.