How Can We delay the Onset of Alzheimer’s Disease?

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The main two factors, well there's more than that, but the main two ones are aerobic exercise and mental exercise. Then the whole answer is more complex, is how you manage all the factors like diabetes, through both physical exercise, through nutrition but if we think of these key factors, there was some NIH evidence of Duke in 2010, that was fascinating.

He was commissioned to an agency, I think part of Duke but basically they evaluated any kind of intervention you can imagine both invasive and non-invasive and what was the impact, on things that preventing Alzheimer's disease, or preventing cognitive decline. This was dispute to the media as nothing prevents Alzheimer's disease, which is true but that's not the whole truth, if you actually check out the analysis, what this surprising is that for example aerobic exercise and cognitive training, couple of computer-based cognitive training programs, have more evidence that they can delay the onset of cognitive problems more than any vitamins, supplement, ginkgo biloba including any kind of medicament.

Despite the huge prescription levels we have of many, medicament like aricept, so we have to rethink what are we doing, again at the population level to maximize the cognitive health to delay problems.