How Can I Manage and Improve My Own Brain?

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Even it's just a vocabulary. So what vocabulary do most people use to understand their own mind and understand their own brain, so people complain about memory, well often the problem, the bottom line is not memory it's attention, if you don't pay attention to something how can you remember it? Or often it is the stress, if you we have many people calling us what how can I improve memory and often they have extremely stressful jobs.

Well maybe the bottom line is how to regulate the stress and that one will help you to improve attention, memory, decision making. So we don't expand vocabulary, this one to be difficult for people to be more advocates and active consumers as they should be in this area, and it is not that difficult.

For example, we all know that to drive a car, you need to understand a few basics, we are not asking people to become professional mechanics, but you need to understand what is a driving wheel, how you break, how you accelerate, how often you have to replace avenue, gas you have to change the oil and what do you do if something is broken down.

So we need to feel, to create as same sense of empowerment, of education for people to start in the managing of their own brains. In the same way, over the last 30-40 years, we have learnt how to manage and improve our own bodies.