Does Brain Health Have to Fade as We Age?

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I may say no but that is a big misconception, so first of all I don't like the word ageing because every of us no mater our age we'll all age one day at the time. So, there is no magical age where we start ageing at least there is living so the question is how do we maximize our life directory to keep up and to delay the client, knowing that our environment, our lifestyle in most factors are not there is more important than genetics, and that's very important for people to understand, if we understand that premise, we don't have to accept aging as inevitable to the client.

Long term we are alive, right, so you could say, Yeah, of course there's the client because at some point we all die. But, that a trajectory will have a lot of influence over that if you want to look at it more like this, is going to look more like that and this a lot of research, short term, long term.

Proving big viability based on educational levels, based on lifestyle, based on nutrition, based on different factors that help understand how to harness genes in their right direction in different ways. One by selecting the right environment, and I say this also from the point of view of being from Spain originally, coming to the US, having moved around in careers, in universities, in cities.

This is something that people have time to realize. Where you live is going to make a big difference, because is your job, is your family, is your environment, what do you do your day today? What career? How do you react to your environment? So, ageing does not involve automatic decline, [xx] position towards the client, but most of all you think it is decline is not genetics, it is just a reflection of what we do, day to day.