Can Vitamins and Supplements Help Our Brain Function?

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So the answer is no, the answer is nutrition itself, and people already know what is the pyramid of food, what is good nutrition, that has a big influence in the brain, but people especially in the US for a good trial, even regulatory reasons tens to over estimate the power of supplements or vitamins, so people take too many supplements, think of [xx] all kinds of supplements, all kinds of vitamins, that as a general rule do not work beyond placebo.

So, I think placebo is extremely impactful right? And it's something that we can build on, so if I think something is going to help me, just that belief is going to help me. So I say well that's [xx] apply that placebo effect to things like physical exercise, mental exercise, stress management, that are more likely to help you than all those supplements and all the other things, so if they say, will identify deficiency [xx] better test of maybe someone has a deficiency in vitamin D, or in so much specific nutrients, so then the supplements may make sense, but as a general rule, I think that people over estimate the impact of nutrition, in I'm talking in a healthy wealth country like the US, I'm not talking out obviously Ethiopia or any other countries and they are ignoring at the good trial level, the fetus really matter, which is more if you say physical exercise, mental exercise and better stress managements.