What Is Virtual Surgery?

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Virtual surgery is the ability to actually take the person's data, for example if I scan someone's head, and I can then take all the values of their head, say that they have a brain cancer, very delicate kind of operation, and I want to go in and say, Okay. I need to come in from this direction.

I can actually segment every part left hemisphere, right hemisphere of the limbic system, and then the pathology of the tumor and wherever it may have spread and they can actually practice the surgery. Go in and do it on the computer in advance before they do it on the patient.

What would be even more valuable in the future is the ability to do that say if you've been doing the operation remotely, is the ability to scan that person dynamically. Because I can easily separate all the parts of your brain, your eyes, your optic nerves all the different parts of your brain I can actually separate them out and into the tumor.

The moment the surgeon actually cuts through the dura of the brain. The brain coordinates everything shifts, something like 15-18 degrees off. So some of the stuff that we were actually talking about doing with NASA was that you're going to have to constantly update that information because as that tumor shifts, you're going to go after old coordinates if you had only one scan.

So you're going to have the update that and have new three to four dimensional coordinates constantly as the scapel is chiseling the tumor. But virtual surgery allows to sort of practice your surgery on that patient with their real data in advance.