How Is the Technology Helping Decipher the Body's Mechanisms?

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The scanner's getting faster, better sample rates, and each and every time that gives you a better representations of what is going on inside the body. We were doing virtual surgery on a child who had tumor in his brain stem. Sometimes it happens is that even though it's a benign tumor could be more dangerous than malignant tumor depending on where it is.

The sample rate and the typical fashion was not good enough to actually represent that tumor one for one in relationship to that piece of tissue in relationship to the skin that we had. But without having a higher quality skin, I'm trying going to show the doctor how to do the surgery.

Where, they're looking at it and saying if I cut even a slither too much, then I could do more damage to the tumor itself. If I cut a slit a little bit too little, then that thing is going to grow back and so if I had a significantly higher resolution scan than I might be able to give them those borders.

So in the future those scans will be where you can actually see tissue for tissue and really, really be concrete about exactly where it begins and where it ends and how I'm supposed to cut.