Who Owns Private Healthcare Data?

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This is an issue that has been out there for a long time, the health organisations could say we own that data of the patients and have the right to own that data. The reality is that as we move more and more into aggregating clinical data in central repositories, we are going to start seeing that the patients are going to own their own the raw data.

What the health organizations what the care givers think about that data is what they own. So we need to make that differentiation, that I could go to a hospital collect my data, raw data, and know the physicians with different specialties will be able to plug in technologies for clinical decision support, algorithms on top of that data to be able to determine what is wrong with you.

Well, for example if you come into the hospital with a certain condition and the hospital is documenting on that episode of care, hospitals in general they are very protective on what they document and what procedures they perform. If a patient leaves a hospital and wants to have that data, they can have the X-rays, they can have everything, their discharge instructions of what happened to them which is a subset of everything that happened to them.

But the reality is that they're entitled to have the entire raw data about what were their vital signs? What were their lab results, all that information they can carry with them and go to another hospital later on and go to a doctor, and those healthcare organizations could really plug in those data elements and be able to analyze with tools.

What are the trends on the lab results? What abnormalities exist in that area? And how they can better care for that patient.