What's Changed About Treating the Health of Children?

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Pediatrics has completely revolutionized since when I first ventured. When I started in pediatrics, it was unusual to see a child with high blood pressure, you I didn't see it, or a child who had cholesterol out of lack unless they had some genetic condition. You did't see kids that had blood sugar that are abnormal unless they had the rare, really a uncommon type one diabetes.

You didn't see kids with a waist size of 38 or 40 inches, but today in the US two thirds of American high school students and middle school students, already have at least one of those middle age conditions. It's been a dramatic change in the health of kids. Used to be that infectious diseases were the big topic.

That's not such the case anymore now, for the first time we've crossed the threshold. Most children have a chronic illness in childhood. So when you look at what's changed? Why's that happening? It's not our genes that has changed, it's how we eat, it's how we move and it's the chemicals we're exposed to environmental pressure of one kind or another which to me is really exciting.

That means that for all the most pressing health issues in childhood, and there's a lot of them, they're increasing [xx] asthma and allergies, ADHD other things that I already mentioned, for all of those, there are lifestyle and environmental solutions to those problems.