What Does a New Parent Need to Know About Keeping a Baby Healthy?

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So one of the most important things to start with is something that is called the WhiteOut Campaign or WhiteOut Program which is for the last several decades 98% of the kids have started their very first food is processed white flour we call it rice cereal and that's the one food they do give again, and again, and again so that they are solid implanted on it.

If I would just skip the process white flour in the first year of life, there is no need for it for kids no thank you if it not going to help done that beyond that when it comes to food I've got a few dos and don'ts and one of them is make the first meal a family meal rather than a baby over there eating something entirely separate from the rest of the family, let's start this idea that kids meal is a new idea in the last several decades baby food actually is a pretty new idea too.

So pick something that you could share. It could be either a real tasty baby food that you like using a [xx] or just take a real fruit like a sweet potato, avocado or banana have some yourself a share with the baby build a culture in every meals another thing that I think we should do very differently than in common.

Right now most people wait three to five days before starting new foods, and they just do one ingredient at a time and that trains picky eaters the only reason for doing that is so you can sort out food allergies if they happen to be allergic. More than 90% of kids never have an allergy, and if they do it's not that hard to figure out instead go for varieties, beat it up, try something new everyday to build an eventuals power.