How Do You Teach Kids to Eat a Balanced Diet in this Day and Age?

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So the nice thing for a new parent is that kids are remarkably adaptable and it's actually very easy and joyful, inexpensive and not time consuming to teach them to like great food if you get started early, and the ways you can do it are either pretty much take whatever you are eating and just mash up a little and give it to them and they learn to like the food that you actually like, it helps introduce, it's always been done throughout history.

Or there is a new generation, organic, delicious, baby foods that are out there that come often in pouches instead of in the jar and it actually tastes like real food and that's pretty easy convenient on the go, way to go as well. But I'm not talking about going and cooking separate meal for the baby, nothing the extra work, [xx] you take what you do and mash it up or grab a simple grab and go pouch.