Do We Run Too Many Medical Tests on Children?

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I think the test will actually become cheaper and easier and more prolific over the years to come. So the key thing for us to do probably is to learn how to put all that data in context. But whatever you do a series of 20 tasks if there is a little bit of air in there, you're going to find a false possibly leading to lead to more testing and more over treatment.

So I'm not a fan of that, I think that for instance kids have cholesterol problems, it's one of the areas there's a lot controversy about testing a lot. I don't want to see that as a leverage to start a whole lot of kids on STAT medications but there's not much evidence that can tell that's going to make a difference in their health.

But, if it's used to call attention, so this is something new in our history that kids have high cholesterol we really do need to active the user sets motivation to start adapting the practices you kinda wanted to adopt anyway. That could be really valuable, using that.