What's an Example of a Surprising Moment in Mobile Health?

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What has been aha! Moment for us is to think about these new windows of opportunity that as a public health practitioner I can now have access to, I'll give you an example, labor. Knowing when a woman goes into labor gives you the power now to think about whether that labor is preterm, whether the new born infant that's going to be born to that mother.

Is at extremely high risk of mortality because they simply are not ready for the challenges that face them when they enter into this world in a very high infectious, very low support kind of environment. So we piloted in rural Bangladeshi community, whether or not we could have women and their families inform us by mobile phones, when they were going into labour, so that we could dispatch to the home, a skilled provider to be able to support that family during a potential high risk delivery process.

And I'll tell you we were surprised to see that around 90% of the time, we were able to get a skilled nurse midwife team to the home in a rural population. So really demonstrating to us that if you had the appropriate plan in place, with a little bit of investment of some resources and some training, we would be able to dispatch skilled care where and when it's needed even in these rural remote areas.